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S.M.A.R.T. Money-Grant Training, Coaching, and Writing

" I also learned so much at your seminar and so appreciate your generous sharing of so many helpful materials. I got several little "golden nuggets" that day that should be helpful in pushing us forward in our grant applications. "    -Ellen

Helping nonprofit organizations maximize their efforts by being able to submit quality, effectively-written proposals for funding is so important in a time when the competition for dollars is stronger than ever.  More... 

Helping small businesses, artists and writers, and other individuals find funding available to the non-nonprofit sector, and submit quality, effectively-written proposals. More...

Beyond the Basics Nonprofit Boot Camp


This is a boot camp, not a panel discussion. These are the hard lessons typically learned from experience with painful consequences. 

This boot camp features a set of strategically compiled topics with experts who know how to explain the sometimes-complicated material in terms and processes most easy to understand. That is what sets this event apart from all other training. More info here...

Business & Nonfiction Writing Services


Helping businesses create a professional image through business communications - business plans, reports, presentations, correspondence, blogging, eBooks, and more including editing, proofreading, and publishing.  More...

Wedding Words Customized eBook


Increase website traffic, generate valuable leads, and establish yourself as the wedding expert with a single click (while we do the work)!

Brides will download a professionally produced eBook with wedding trends and tips by “you” when they provide email and wedding information for your lead list. More...

Disability Advocacy


My disability inclusion advocacy stems from my life-long understanding of disability inclusion from my mother being in a wheelchair, and the accomplished and fulfilled life my mother led. She had contracted polio at the age of 18.


My Cup of T


I am a writer, author, freelancer, Mom, advocate for disability inclusion, seamstress, business owner, communication strategist, and humorist. I have more than 35 years of communication and marketing experience as a small business owner and consultant to other entrepreneurs. I am also an avid tea lover!  More...


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